Making data a useful and intuitive tool for everyone

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We create a future where everyone can use data as a natural tool - to solve problems, improve and innovate. From out-in-the-field to research in the lab, we believe the true potential of data is found through collaboration between people.

Innovation starts with understanding

If you truly want to change the world for the better, you've got to understand it. Data can help you understand the world as it is, while domain experts can help you understand why and what actions are needed to reach your goals. Finally AI can help you get new understanding and insights from your data.

We build Clarify to help everyone explore data, apply AI and share knowledge to understand more.

That's why we're building Clarify.

We are on a mission to bring data and human expertise to life and make it available, explorable, and useful for everyone.

Because improvement and innovation starts with understanding more.

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To solve the biggest challenges of our time, data must be a natural tool for everyone, not only for a select few analysts and scientists.

We need diversity in experience and knowledge to make wise decisions and improve. We need to activate people and crowdsource creativity if we are to ignite innovation and find new solutions to fuel sustainable industrial operations.

We need to combine the best of human skills with modern computing power and quality data.

Create the future of industrial work

Make data available, explorable and useful for everyone on your team

Clarify is a tool that lets you and your team easily share knowledge and explore industrial data - together. Helping you turn data into actual value, every day.

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Insights from companies already using Clarify

Clarify helps people, teams and organizations turn data into value, every day. Understand how by reading our customers stories.

Customer stories
On board a Cflow boat looking towards the ocean.

Learn how Cflow brings maritime data to life, powered by Clarify

Cflow uses Clarify to gather data from ships from Tasmania, via Norway to Chile. To improve ship performance, operations, maintenance, and enable fleet management.
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Three men looking at Clarify graphs displayed on a big screen at Eide Fjordbruk office

Learn how Eide Fjordbruk uses Clarify to collaborate around data in real-time

Eide Fjordbruk use Clarify to combine real-time data and human knowledge to improve fish feeding, and bring remote teams closer together.
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Man working on machine while colleague looks at data on iPad

Learn how Orkel turns machine data into value with Clarify

Orkel uses Clarify to innovate and get more value from their machine data. Making data a natural tool for both end customers and internal domain experts.
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