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About us

We are engineers, entrepreneurs, data scientists and creatives.

We build Clarify to help people solve problems, improve and innovate faster.

We believe in better use of realtime data and that we need to speak human in order to change the way we learn, adapt, and grow knowledge within organizations.

Today we are growing and continuously developing Clarify. Implementing AI-features and giving workers the tools they need to use data as a part of their everyday work life.

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Since 2012 we have worked with small and large companies to improve their use of data and how they share insights through collaboration. After many years out in the field - working with marine and heavy industries, Clarify was born.


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Insights from companies already using Clarify

Clarify helps people, teams and organizations turn data into value, every day. Understand how by reading our customers stories.

Customer stories
On board a Cflow boat looking towards the ocean.

Learn how Cflow brings maritime data to life, powered by Clarify

Cflow uses Clarify to gather data from ships from Tasmania, via Norway to Chile. To improve ship performance, operations, maintenance, and enable fleet management.
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Three men looking at Clarify graphs displayed on a big screen at Eide Fjordbruk office

Learn how Eide Fjordbruk uses Clarify to collaborate around data in real-time

Eide Fjordbruk use Clarify to combine real-time data and human knowledge to improve fish feeding, and bring remote teams closer together.
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Man working on machine while colleague looks at data on iPad

Learn how Orkel turns machine data into value with Clarify

Orkel uses Clarify to innovate and get more value from their machine data. Making data a natural tool for both end customers and internal domain experts.
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